Athens Woods

Stratford Iowa - Hamilton County
Minutes to visit

Athens Woods

  • Location: :1250 Highway 175, Stratford, Ia
  • Saturday - Sunday: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Tours: Available

Contemplation Gardens

Open to visitors since August 2008, The Contemplation Gardens Sculpture Park features artwork by 14 of the area’s most celebrated artists in a variety of small garden settings.

Contemplation Gardens in Athens Woods Estate.

The one-half acre park is located within a friendly entryway to Stratford’s Athens Woods Estate (AWE). This assessable setting is coupled with a skilled landscape design. The caliber of the art makes it unlike any other sculpture park in the United States. The contribution of works for the park is a very significant donation of artwork made to Athens Woods Estates, Inc.


Guided tours are available from April 1 through October 31. Advance notice of two or more weeks is encouraged. To schedule a guided tour please call: (515-835-1005). A guided tour is not needed to view the sculptures; anyone is welcome to visit the park and view the sculptures during daylight hours.

Food and Drink

Picnicking is encouraged. Please be sure to keep food and drink away from the sculptures and dispose of waste in the receptacles on the perimeter of the park.

Family Patio (2019) to encourage family activities.


Touching, climbing, and sitting on the sculptures is discourage, with the exception of the granite benches. Although many of the sculptures appear sturdy and durable, touching or climbing may damage the sculptures and their finish. Additionally, visitors may get hurt touching or climbing the sculptures.

Fish swimming in the Contemplation Gardens pond.

Additional Donations

The Contemplation Gardens are a work in progress. Donations of artwork are desired to encourage seniors to remember their childhood, contemplate their service, enjoy nature, and think about their life and belief in the resurrection after life.

The Gardner: Keith Carlson

The Gardener’s Assistant: Duane Wempen

Donations in Memory of. 

The family or estate have provide ths following:  (CLICK ON IMAGE)